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Cámara Hiperbárica Multiplaza Cámara Hiperbárica Multiplaza Cámara Hiperbárica Multiplaza
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Cámara Hiperbárica de uso veterinario Cámara Hiperbárica de uso veterinario Cámara Hiperbárica de uso veterinario
Hyperbaric Chamber for
Veterinary use

This Hyperbaric Chamber was designed to give hyperbaric oxygen therapy to competition camels in a Private Hospital for Camels in the city of Doha, Qatar. These chambers are pressurized with air and oxygen is supplied to the animal through a mask.

In recent times it has been proven that the hyperbaric therapy used many years ago for medical treatments of human beings has the same extraordinary effects on animals as is it the case of equines and pets at home. The supply in animals of 100% oxygen under atmospheric conditions higher than normal has successful results to fight a series of diseases and physical problems that may occur in their daily lives or during their training.

Cámara Hiperbárica de uso Veterinario
Cámara Hiperbárica de uso Veterinario
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Hyperbaric chambers for veterinary use are metal containers capable of withstanding atmospheric pressures up to 3 ATA as those for human use with the difference that they are much smaller in the case of domestic animal treatments or much larger in the case of equines treatments.
Budget Request
  • Material: Special steel according to norms ASME PVHO.
  • Capacity: Models for (1) small pet and one for one (1) and two (2) horses.
  • Overall external length: from 1 100 up to 8 000 mm according to the model.
  • Interior Chamber length: from 1 000 up to 7 800 mm according to the model.
  • Overall external diameter standard: from 500 up to 2 500 mm according to the model.
  • Overall interior diameter standard: from 450 up to 2 468 mm according to the model.
  • Overall height (including the bases): from 1 300 up to 2 700 mm according to the model.
  • Interior clear height floor/roof: 2 280 mm
  • External width: from 700 up to 2 600 mm according to the model.
  • Weight: from 230 up to 11 800 kg according to the model.
  • Circular entrance doors: from 2 500 mm.
  • Medical lock: ø300mm x 300 mm length.
  • Lighting fitting for illumination: from 3 up to 6 of Ø 80 mm according to the model.
  • Lighting fitting material: Acrylic.
  • Working temperature: 5 ºC – 40 ºC.
  • Maximum treatment pressure: 3 ATA.
  • Pressurization speed: Adjustable from 1 to 5 psi/min or from 0.5 to 2.5 psi/min.
  • Adjustable ventilation of 50 to 300 l/min.
  • Pressurized with breathable compressed air in the case of chambers for horses and oxygen in the case of chambers for pets.
  • In the case of chambers for horses, the supply of medical oxygen is done through special masks. Inside of the Chamber for horses, is located a seat and a mask for the trainer of horses who accompany him at the sessions.
  • Internal controls.
  • Internal floors of aluminum, divided in removable sections, allowing easy access for cleaning and regular maintenance of the chamber low side.
  • Aluminum railings and removable for admission and fixation of the horses.
  • Special ramp to facilitate the entry to the animal to the chamber.
  • Interior illumination of chamber is done through external lamps type Led cold light of low voltage.The control panel is externally located and attached to the chamber tank. From this panel running the operations and controls necessary for the correct operation of the chamber, including the monitoring of animals.
  • Our chambers are supplied according to customer's requirement to be installed in a fixed location or to be towed, and moved to different locations.
  • This one is supplied mounted on a towable mobile structure, equipped with everything that need according to international standards.
  • Supply of breathable compressed air composed for: air compressor type rotary screw, banks of compressed air and special filters.
  • Bidirectional communication system that allows direct communication between the external chamber operator and the internal tender.
  • Special system of patients monitoring, which allows the external operator to have simultaneously in one (1) flat screens monitor located in the main control panel, the image of the horses inside the chamber.
  • Automatic firefighting system allows to simultaneously performing immediately the following actions when necessary:
    a)- Stop the pressurization (compression) of the chamber.
    b)- Close the oxygen supply to the chamber.
    c)- Activate the internal firefighting water sprinklers.
    d)- Change the oxygen supply on the masks for breathable air.
    e)- Starts the depressurization.
  • Additionally manual hyperbaric extinguishers are located in the main compartment and antechamber.
  • Medical lock that communicates with the main compartment, for transferring to or from the inside chambers of drugs, medical accessories, food, etc. required while the chamber is pressurized.
  • System of analysis of oxygen concentration internal through analyzer installed in the control panel that allows observes digitally the oxygen concentration in the interior of the chamber.

    The operation of our cameras for veterinary use is very similar to the operation of our cameras for human use. They are manufactured with automatic systems for the pressurization, ventilation and depressurization.

    In this sense have keypads able to perform the following functions automatically:

  • Programming of the desired pressure level for each session of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.
  • Programming of the required speed to reach the programmed pressure.
  • Automatic changes of pressure during treatment.
  • Automatic programming of the chamber ventilation according to the number of patients in treatment.
  • Emergency depressurization if it is required to remove a patient from the chamber quickly.
  • Automatic depressurization.
  • Activation of the firefighting system.
  • Manual operation of the chamber in case of some failure in the automatic system.

  • These systems allow the chamber operator to do the following:

  • Regulate for each session the treatment pressure indicated by the doctor.
  • With a single button ON / OFF starts the pressurization session according to the programmed speed up to reach the selected pressurization level.
  • From the beginning of the pressurization, to obtain automatically a minimum ventilation system of 50 liters per minute.
  • Regulate the ventilation of the chamber from 50 to 300 liters per minute, according to the number of patients in each session.
  • Perform during the treatment, pressure variations with the regulating knob; the hyperbaric chamber will modify automatically its pressure to the new one selected.
  • Depressurize the chamber automatically putting the command knob in the OFF position.

    Hyperbaric Chambers for domestic animals:

  • MO-20-VT:

    500mm diameter small chambers for pets

  • Hyperbaric Chambers for equine:

  • ML-1F-VT:

    Fixed chamber for one equine
  • ML-2F-VT:

    Fixed chamber for two equines
  • ML-1M-VT:

    Mobile chamber for one equine (Installed in trailer)
  • ML-2M-VT:

    Mobile chamber for two equines (Installed in trailer)
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