Service & Advice
Before the sale

At the time prior to the sale, our company provides customers with all the necessary advice for the acquisition of their hyperbaric equipment in accordance with the following:
  • Advice for the acquisition of the equipment that best suits their needs.
  • Advice on the location of equipment in their facilities.
  • Advice for the transfer of equipment.
  • Advice for hiring the insurance policy and sea freight.
  • Advice for the shipment of the equipment properly packaged for sea transport.
Cámara Hiperbárica Multiplaza
Service & Advice
After the sale

Once the sale is completed, customer receives the following information and material:
  • Complete drawings of the hyperbaric room and the machine room.
  • Complete drawings of the necessary pipes to install in the hyperbaric room.
  • Advice for the preparation of the necessary infrastructure in the hyperbaric room.
  • Advice on security measures for the hyperbaric room.
Optionally, our company offers the following services:
  • Complete installation of the equipment.
  • Calibration and start-up of the hyperbaric chamber.
  • Staff training for the operation of the hyperbaric chamber.
  • Staff training for the maintenance of the equipment.
Once the equipment is installed, the customer will receive a Technical Service Manual which includes the detail of some maintenances and periodic reviews that should be carried out by the staff designated by the customer on a daily, weekly, monthly and semi-annual basis. This Manual also contains in detail the Annual Maintenance Program that must be performed on the equipment, which must be carried out by highly trained technical staff of our company anywhere in the world where they are operating.
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