Cámara Hiperbárica Monoplaza Cámara Hiperbárica Monoplaza Cámara Hiperbárica Monoplaza
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Hyperbaric Chamber

They are small chambers used for hyperbaric oxygenation of a single patient.These are chambers in which the patient usually enters lying down. Monoplace Chambers are usually pressurized with medical oxygen, which is used in the hyperbaric treatment. In this case the patient does not require the use of mask.

Upon request of the customer, these chambers can be manufactured with an additional system that allows the use of mask internally, so the patient can make air-breaks during his session of hyperbaric oxygenation, breathing air through the mask. These chambers are called "Hybrid Chambers".

Cámara Hiperbárica Monoplaza
Cámara Hiperbárica Monoplaza
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The hybrid chambers can also be pressurized with compressed breathing air and the patient breathe medical oxygen during the whole treatment through mask. In this case it is necessary to include a breathable compressed air system with a compressor and air tank to feed the pressurization system of the chamber.
Budget Request
  • Material: Two sections, one of special steel and other of acrylic according to the ASME, PVHO-1 standard.
  • Maximum working pressure: 3 ATA.
  • Exterior diameter: 900 mm.
  • Interior diameter: 820 mm.
  • Length of acrylic tube section: 1300 mm.
  • Length of steel section: 900 mm.
  • Overall exterior length: 2,550 mm.
  • Total Height: 1,440 mm.
  • Total width: 1,070 mm.
  • Approximate weight: 1,300 kg.
  • Stretcher width: 700 mm.
  • Stretcher length: 2,130 mm.
  • Lateral control panel attached to the steel structure of the chamber, located at a reasonable height to facilitate its operation (without having to recline or crouch).
  • Regulation of the treatment pressure for its automatic operation.
  • Regulation of the required pressurization speed.
  • Regulation of the required ventilation during treatment.
  • Minimum automatic ventilation of 50 liters per minute.
  • Telescopic reclining stretcher of 700 mm wide and 2,130 mm long for patient comfort. Its amplitude allows the entry of a child accompanied by his father or mother.
  • Special antistatic bracelet for the patient.
  • Penetrators for placement of optional medical equipment.
  • Special T-COM penetrator for placement of transcutaneous oxygen monitor.
  • Safety device for oxygen blockage, while the door of the chamber remains open.
  • Double safety device (One pneumatic and other mechanic) for blockage the door opening, while the chamber remains pressurized.
  • Communication system between patient and chamber operator.
  • Internal speakers for the communication and entertainment systems.
  • Adjustable special external support for placement of TV for entertainment of the patients.
  • Automatic safety or relief valve.
  • Indicator of treatment time and interior temperature in the control panel.

    Our monoplace hyperbaric chambers are manufactured with an automatic system for the pressurization, ventilation and depressurization of the oxygen therapy sessions, which facilitates its daily operation.

    This system allows the operator the following:

  • Regulate for each session, the treatment pressure indicated by the doctor.
  • Regulate the pressurization speed for each session, according to the ease of the patient to compensate the pressure in their ears.
  • With a single button ON/OFF start the treatment session according to the programmed speed, until reaching the selected pressurization level.
  • Since the beginning of the pressurization, a ventilation system of minimum 50 liters per minute is automatically activated.
  • Regulate the ventilation of the chamber from 50 up to 300 liters per minute.
  • Perform variations of pressure with the regulation knob during the treatment. The hyperbaric chamber will automatically change its pressure to the new selected pressure.
  • Depressurize the chamber automatically by placing the control button to the OFF position.
  • Perform emergency depressurizations through a button on the control panel that allows to depressurize the chamber in 180 seconds from 3 ATA.
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