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Multiplaza Oxicab en Chile
Multiplace hyperbaric chamber installed in Chile - August 2018
Multiplace Hyperbaric Chamber ML-100 (10+2) for medical treatments (3 ATA) installed in Santiago, Chile in the month of August 2018. This chamber model allows the following configurations:

  • 10 patients seated in Main Compartment, plus 2 seats in Entry Lock
  • 7 patients seated and 1 stretcher in Main Compartment, plus 2 seats in Entry lock
  • 4 patients seated and 2 stretchers in Main Compartment, plus 2 seats in Entry lock
Barosala Oxicab en Costa Rica
Costa Rica
Barosala in Costa Rica with 4 Oxicab Monoplace chambers MO-13

The Hospital Clínica Católica of San José in Costa Rica, has 4 OXICAB Hyperbaric Chambers installed. The newest has 7 years, other two have 8 years and the oldest one has 10 years operating every day from Monday to Saturday and in some cases also Sundays.

Camaras de baja presion ATA

WARNING: Low Pressure chambers (1.4 ATA)

We recommend being very careful with these low-pressure chambers that are being offered in the market, which can only be pressurized up to 4 or 5 psi. All medical treatments in hyperbaric chamber are performed at a pressure between 2 and 3 ATA, depending on the severity of the patient. No medical treatment in hyperbaric chamber is performed below 2 ATA. These low-pressure chambers are being offered as if they were for medical treatments, which is completely false.

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